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Your clients want to take an International trip, but published fares are through the roof. As a professional travel agent, you know the real secret of inexpensive travel…international airline consolidators.

The best consolidators have contracts directly with the airlines to sell their tickets at a discount, to travel agents only. In return, bona-fide consolidators purchase large volumes of inventory from the airlines at a discount. Agents can save their clients literally hundreds of dollars.

Not every consolidator holds a contract with every US or international airline. Most have several contracts and some specialize in only certain geographic markets. Travel agents should select consolidators with a history of providing reliability and good service to agents and their clients.

Consolidator tickets provide the same benefits as using a published fare ticket, including frequent flier miles when applicable. In addition to round trip tickets, consolidators offer tickets that are One-Way, Open-jaw, Stopovers, Multi-leg itineraries, overseas origination and Around the World tickets. Many consolidators also offer Net Rate Hotels, cruises and tours at discounted prices.

There are bargains to be had and profits to be made. Contact a consolidator for all your international airline tickets.

Submitted by Hariworld Travel, New York, NY