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If you saw a $50 bill on the ground, would you walk right past it? That’s what it’s like when you tell your customers to book their airfare elsewhere. Now imagine walking down a street littered with $50 and $100 bills. As a travel agent, you live on this street, the problem is having the tools to collect all that cash. That’s what an air consolidator is for. For individual or groups flying internationally, consolidators help get the best airfares, schedules all the while making it easy for you to no longer walk by that money.

When you receive an international itinerary request, you and your customer already have an idea of what to expect from what you’ve found online and elsewhere. The consolidators’ job is to find you better airfare than you can find elsewhere, something you can mark up. By utilizing a consolidator, the customer recognizes savings from what they were expecting and you’ve made money. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the psychological effect of being there for your customer for all aspects of travel is in place.
Years of experience give consolidators a chance to offer you the best contracts and technology to take a time-consuming process and simplify it.

Consolidators want you to succeed. Stop walking past those $50 bills!