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Yes, you can make significant money selling air. But how does one avoid the hassles and headaches that seem to be inherent to
air travel?
Here are some suggestions offered by Centrav’s Agent Support Team:

What to do:
All major consolidators have discounted air, but find one you can trust. Make sure they care about you and are willing to do what it takes to help you succeed.
Spell the passenger’s name correctly. After ticketing, fixing a misspelled name can be more costly than you think. So don’t just ask the client for their name, always match the passport.
Avoid codeshares if possible. Everything is more difficult with codeshares (name corrections, seat assignments, cancellations, schedule changes, etc).
Avoid a denied credit card. Your client might need to notify their bank about the purchase beforehand because banks often flag airline purchases as potential fraud and stop the charge.
Protect your commission in case of cancelation. This is easy to do. Ask us how.
Get some training. Consolidators are air experts and are eager to share their knowledge and experience.

What to know:
• Know the penalties to change/cancel and advise your client so as to lessen their shock later on.
• Know the ancillary fees before you purchase the ticket. These fees can add up quickly such as:
• Bag fees, oversized bag fees, carry-on.
• Assigned seats, or better seats such as aisle or window.
• Food and beverages.
• Early boarding benefits.
• Know that Schedule changes can happen and make your client aware of the possibility. If the change is unsatisfactory, we can contact our Top Accounts desk and get it resolved.
• Finally, be sure to lean on your consolidator for help.

The retail travel agent is our only customer and we are quite willing to give our time and energy to help you become successful
at selling air.