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Savvy travel agents know that working with an air consolidator is the magic key that can unlock the door to success.
    Through the air consolidator’s relationships with airlines, it can help agents offer their clients the best selection of seats, and reserve them quickly at amazingly affordable fares. An added bonus is that air consolidators often are able to pay commissions when airlines don’t.

Air by Pleasant offers more than 80 international airlines, 180 countries and 1,000 destinations worldwide. One visit to its website allows agents to comparison shop in one fast, efficient place.
    While the most popular destinations are in Europe, the South Pacific and Asia, the air consolidator offers most destinations worldwide, including those off the beaten path, such as Mongolia, Easter Island and Madagascar. Wherever travelers want to go, Air by Pleasant can help agents get them there.
    This feat is achieved through long-term partnerships between air consolidators and airlines. Consolidators have access to net fares, bulk ticketing and commissionable published fares, which allow them to pass the savings on to their clients. Mileage accruals are even available on most major airlines when booking with air consolidators.
    Net fares are special contracted rates that air consolidators secure from the airlines at a discount. Net fares allow agents to add their commission amount according to the market. Air by Pleasant offers net fares in all cabins – First, Business and Premium Economy in addition to Economy – allowing agents to cater to their clients’
specific needs.
    Occasionally, a published fare may be lower than the net fare. In these situations, agents may earn a commission when going through the consolidator when none might be available through a direct purchase from the airline.
    Perhaps the most valuable resource an air consolidator provides is expert assistance and insight, helping to find the best routing to destinations, work out flight changes and more. Because Air by Pleasant has developed long-term relationships with the carriers, its agents know how to get the help your client needs, whether it’s changing the name on the ticket, adjusting travel dates or even receiving a partial refund. Without air consolidators, the independent travel agent can feel like a small fish lost in the airline’s vast ocean.

For more information or to register to sell Air by Pleasant, visit or call 1-800-877-8111. Air by Pleasant has been recognized as a Partner of the Year by AAA Travel for 11 consecutive years.