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For 45 years Travel Agents have depended on JAX FAX when seeking out Consolidator airfares for their clients. Agents often refer to JAX FAX as their travel industry “Bible”.

Over the years we have developed many tools with which Consolidators can reach our Travel Agent readers. Now we have brought all the tools, and more, into one place that will become our readership's “go to” website when seeking out a Consolidator for their clients.
will have all the following features:

  • A Comprehensive Directory of Air Consolidators
  • Articles about Air Consolidation
  • Interviews with Air Consolidators
  • “Find a Consolidator” Search Engine
  • JAX FAX Worldwide Air Consolidator Listings with pricing
  • Request-a-Quote Tool

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Participation in this website is a must for any Air Consolidator looking to build their Travel Agent business.