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I pondered the question of when and why travel agents should work with Air Consolidators, and thought to myself, "Why wouldn’t travel agents work with Air Consolidators all the time?” Consolidators deal with fares, flights, rules, and routings 24/7 365 days of the year. Now, I can understand most travel agents have a comfort zone with flights and routings they frequently sell, but it doesn’t hurt to pick-up the phone or e-mail a consolidator for a quick second opinion, you never know you might be pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few things travel agents might not be aware of

Most consolidators have multiple GDS providers which gives them the ability to search and scan for lower inventory that might not be available in the current system you’re working in. So if your client is checking via website or other travel agencies, your price might be higher.
Consolidators have already established working relationships with numerous airlines, which gives them a competitive edge in pricing and longer ticketing deadlines. As you may already be aware of when dealing with land arrangements, it’s hard to lock in the air price when you're either waiting for your client’s favorite property to confirm or the land request is still in a quote stage.
This working relationship between airlines and consolidators also comes in handy when problems should arise. Come on let’s admit it, we’ve all been there: the ticket was issued with the wrong name or dates and now the fare has gone up and the airline penalties can be quite hefty. Well, consolidators sometimes have the ability to fix these issues at minimal cost or effort, and remember these problems usually occur at the eleventh hour, so it’s nice to know someone is there helping and assisting to solve the issue.
Since Air Consolidators work only with air, day in and day out they’ve developed a strong knowledge of the airline industry and government regulations across the globe. This allows them to have first hand knowledge about Visa requirements, baggage agreements, airlines that might be in financial difficulties, and new airline products. With all this knowledge they can assure your clients are in good hands and they’ll certainly steer you and your clients away from potential issues or problems from the start. Using an Air Consolidator can help put your mind at ease, knowing your dealing with a professional who wants to earn money for you and has a common interest, your client’s satisfaction.

So the next time you’re thinking about doing it yourself, just remember it doesn’t hurt to get a quick second opinion from your friendly Air Consolidator. They want you to succeed!