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Welcome to "Find A Consolidator"

History: Founding Publisher Clif Cooke began his travel career in Pan Am Airlines' passenger services department, where he worked for 11 years, before joining TWA in 1966. After seven years with TWA, Cooke left to start Jet Airtransport Exchange, otherwise known as JAX. JAX developed the first computerized database of global charter flights and established an 800-line to provide travel agents with charter flights information. After his first year in business, Cooke decided to print and distribute this information on charter flights to travel agents, in effect starting JAX FAX Travel Marketing Magazine. Over the years, with airline deregulation and the growth of consolidators, JAX FAX's focus switched from that of providing charter information to being a directory of airline consolidator information. Since then, JAX FAX has grown to include editorial content as well, including FAM trip listings and more. Upon his retirement in 2001, his son Doug Cooke became publisher.

Our Mission

We believe that travel agents provide an invaluable service to the traveling public, and want to be sure that their hard work is rewarded in every way possible. Agents can profit by selling international air when working with air consolidators. It is our mission to provide travel agents with pertinent and timely information in order to build mutually-beneficial relationships with reputable consolidators.

Our Vision

For 45 years, JAX FAX has been the source for travel agents to get information about working with air consolidators. We provide invaluable information not found anywhere else about this profitable aspect of selling travel. Look to JAX FAX for in depth information about working with air consolidators, including consolidator business profiles, airline news and city-pair listings


JAX FAX Travel Marketing Magazine has been published for 45 consecutive years, since 1972. Founding Publisher, Clif Cooke, was awarded ASTA's Travel Journalist of the Year Award, recognizing a journalist whose outstanding efforts have contributed to the promotion of the travel agent community.